Skye & Mull

Isle of Skye
These images were taken in early June, maybe not a time favoured by most landscape photographers. 
Noel wanted to capture the wonderful quality of summer light and rich colour, on this, his first visit to the island. 
Aird of Sleat provided the base located at the most southerly point of the island.
Noel had researched the area and knew where he wanted to be at the right time of day. 
This meant very early 4am morning starts and one sleep over in the car- which proved very uncomfortable! 

Isle of Mull
The landscape on Mull seemed a lot more gentle after Skye, with it's own unique endearing qualities.
Base was just up the hill from Tobermory harbour.
Research of the area done, Noel knew what he wanted to achieve, trying not to be too ambitious, knowing how inaccessible the island can be. 
Mist, ship wrecks, lashing rain, gales and a little sunshine all contributed to a memorable stay.